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  1. Top 10 Reasons To Wrap Your Car
  2. Top 10 reasons to wrap your car

Reasons to wrap your car and why is better than paint

Over the years we’ve noticed an increase in vehicle wrap service requests and that’s because car wrapping is becoming more and more popular so we decided to create a list of reasons to wrap your car. I’m sure you’ve all seen cars on the street that made you turn your head and wonder “WOW!!! What’s that?! Paint?!!!”. Most likely was just a beautiful vinyl wrap.

Of course there are two segments in vehicle wrapping:

  1. Style wraps (like color change: black matte, silver matte metallic and the list goes on with hundreds of options) and
  2. Advertising (in general business will advertise their services with logos, phone numbers and graphics that can cover an entire fleet of cars).

Whatever the purpose may be, here’s a list of top 10 reasons to wrap your car and why is better then car paint:

10. Fix that old, oxidized damaged paint!

After years of weather variations, the original car paint will start to crack, fade and blemish from temperature differences, UV etc. Many times with old cars it’s not worth to repaint and not even the cheapest service is not gonna help with resale value. Not to mention a cheap job is a low quality job that will show paint drips, uneven spray, all sort of color matching issues and the list goes on with a number of factors to keep in mind. But a wrap it’s the perfect way to restore your old car’s appearance at a lower cost then paint. Did I mention it will look a hundred times better?

9. Exotic new look

It is definitely the most inexpensive way to stand out on the streets, car shows and race tracks. Among the many reasons to wrap your car the most important one is the hundreds of options to choose from:

  1. Colors
  2. Finish:
    • Matte
    • Satin
    • Gloss
    • Textured (carbon fiber, brushed metal, leather)
    • Color shifting

You want to stand out from the masses? Then wrapping is the answer.

With special vinyl we can create logos, racing stripes decals that can be applied to the car without ruining the original OEM car paint therefore keeping it’s resale value. Here’s a list of color options and finishes available from vinyl manufacturers such as Avery or 3M (check the images at the botom of the page for color sample.)

8. Advertise your business and create brand awareness

Probably one of the most important reasons to wrap your car if you run a business is that your company’s vehicle or fleet, are constantly exposed to thousands of possible customers daily, while being driven on the streets, highways and even when parked. Your van or small car surface can generate millions of impressions a year and according to recent surveys made by advertising companies show that a well designed vehicle wrap can be more effective then an expensive TV or radio campaign. Your logo, next to a strong suggestive image and a phone number or contact info can increase your brand awareness and generate new leads. And if you’re on a budget our knowledgeable wrap designers can tailor something which requires less printing and installing resulting in a lower cost.

7. Reversibility

If you’re planning to sell your car or trade in to a dealership / private party, they’ll try to spot scratches or imperfection on the original car paint and try to pay  you less then you’re asking. When you are wrapping your car you are simultaneously preserving the original OEM factory paint while getting an awesome style. Wraps are perfect for those looking for temporary solutions or like to change things often. Car paint once sprayed cannot be removed or reversed.

6. Easy to replace and fix

If your car is wrapped and for instance the door gets scratched then it’s easy to remove it and install a brand new sheet of vinyl. First of all the vinyl will protect the original car paint from the scratch, taking most of the hit to some degree not to mention keeping the repair cost sometimes to under a hundred dollars depending on size and part. If you’d have to repair the paint, a body shop would have to fix the scratch with special filler, wait for it to dry, and then spray the new paint over much larger areas and panels that extend way over the original part being damaged in order to blend the colors perfectly. With a wrap the job would be done within an hour depending on the part in question.

Other regular factors that can damage car paint and wraps if not cleaned right away are tar, abrasives from the road, waxes, bird poop or various solutions.

5. Your dream color

If you’re looking to buy a used car many times you’ll come across a perfect vehicle in perfect condition and a color you don’t like. A cheap paint job will be close to $2k and a decent paint job $3,5K. With vinyl we can get the color and finish we always dreamed of.

4. Much easier to resale

If you’re planning to sell your car there’s no faster way then to change its style. We know it because we have lots of dealerships customers bringing in cars with a less desirable paint jobs to wrap and after they leave our shop they get sold within days. For newer cars, the wrap vinyl will protect the original paint while helping to preserve the resale value of a used car with the fresh factory paint.

3. Paint Protection

Protect your OEM fresh factory paint with vinyl wrap. Have the color you absolutely love while keeping the original factory protected from tar, small scratches from road debris, grime and chemicals. Sometimes even the regular car wash can leave swirl marks over time and the only way to remove that is a professional buffing job that can cost up to $1000 depending on vehicle. Vinyl will take care of that and protect the car paint and when its time to remove it the fresh factory paint will be in absolute perfect shape right underneath the vinyl.

2. Matte wraps look better than Matte paint

Other reasons to wrap your car: we’ve compared matte vinyl vs. matte paint and in most cases you can’t tell the difference. Most likely you’ve seen matte paint jobs. Are you sure that’s what it was? With quality vinyl film like Avery and 3M and our 10+ years of experience professional installers your wrapped car will look way better then. When installed correctly vinyl will always look perfect smooth and without discoloration or the uneven blotchy results that paint can have.

1. You’ll get a lot of attention

In the end whether you just wrap a fancy unique color-finish or simply advertise your business the appearance should always result in generating attention and turn heads wherever you are. We hope this helped you understand the reasons to wrap your car over paint.


Top 10 reasons to wrap your car

Various color otions is one of the top 10 reasons to wrap your car

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