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Building Wrap

Building Wraps can be one of the most effective outlets to visually deliver a specific and unique message to a large audience in a single given moment. This form of mass advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach out to as many as hundreds of people per hour, if not more. Your message is unique, so what better way to let your brand or company shine than with a customized building wrap? Building wraps are mostly made from high quality vinyl and are printed using top-of-the-line inkjet machines. The final product  is a wrap that is full of luster, is wear resistant and is durable to withstand pretty much all weather conditions. But the most convenient feature of all is that a building wrap can be posted almost anywhere, there really are no limits.

Here is a little sneak peak at some other uses for building wraps:

Building wraps are an ultimately chic way to express your point, get your opinion across or to simply entertain people for the sake of entertainment itself. Just the size alone of building wraps can strike the brain at first glance, painting a strong image in the mind of the person looking at the sign and leaving them with a final impression that is sometimes powerful enough to last for days.

Building wraps can also be informational and can educate spectators about a service or topic such as healthcare concerns, different cell phone service packages or stating a simple trivia fact. In this instance building advertising is important if the goal for your signage is to inform people to eventually take some kind of action in relation to what you are offering or selling as a marketer. Most business owners are marketers without really think about themselves as that, but it’s true. Now whether your marketing strategies are effective enough to turn street traffic into a loyal customer…is another story, but of course a building wrap can help with that.

Some key things to keep in mind when deciding if a building wrap is the way to go for you. First, you have to consider where where the wrap will be displayed (usually high on the side of a building) before creating and customizing the wrap. Some of the most effective building advertisements, or large print advertisement in general, usually include an image that fills up most of the banner space, followed by sharp, to-the-point wording that reaches out and grabs  immediate attention. Playing around with different colors and tones is an excellent option as well. Most people driving by, or even walking by a building advertisement do not have the time to read “fine print” or to literally read in between the lines of your message. So, having a clear idea of the message you want to share is a good start when deciding to go with building wraps. Add some color to that and wa-la! you have awesome building advertising that can reach out to people almost faster than you can say ‘hey, did ya see it?”

So now we won’t tell you that Graphios is the best company ever for this…but we can certainly do all the above for you, and yes, you will be mesmerized at the final product. Our team of creative experts will take your idea and shape it into a design that will speak volumes to your targeted audience. Your message will stand out loud and clear, increasing visibility of your brand and what you stand for. During the process, we will produce the vinyl or mesh wrap and then even consult with you about where the final product will be most effective. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns whether a building wrap might be the best option for your business or idea today. We’re ready for your idea!


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