3M vinyl wrap - food-truck-car-wrap-in-chicago-by-GRAPHIOS (773) 413-0070

3M vinyl wrap – food-truck-car-wrap-in-chicago-by-GRAPHIOS (773) 413-0070

Hi, there!

My name is VINYL Sign and I was thinking that I would really like you to know me better (more about vinyl signs). You

never know! You might need me one day! And that is because I’m also called the most versatile


Ever since I was invented in the 1920s, and by the way, that happened as a mistake, I tend to help in

many ways and different industries, such as: communication, aerospace, healthcare, construction,

textile, etc.

But from all of them, there is one I prefer: marketing. Why? Simply because it’s so dynamic and

colorful. There are different ways I am used for it:



One of them is car wraps, commercial box truck wraps, transit bus wraps, even planes. Well! This is my favorite part. This is the

way I can show off!

In fact, I don’t show off by myself. I can do it with your business, for instance! Together we can

entertain lots of people out of home! You know that feeling? When you’re stuck in a traffic jam?

People can forget about it for a few minutes, just watching me, being colored with your brand and

reading about your business.



I can wrap any building and make it look nicer because of me!

When you watch through your window, you can see me there also and on your wall I can look like a

tree, a forest or any poster design you prefer.



I can also be an outdoor or indoor banner, letting people know that you’re there.



I bet you didn’t know that you can even step on me because of the floor graphics.

Adverts are more beautiful because of me and the designers’ work is much easier. And I agree to be

colorful, to be changed, and even to be removed in a very easy way.

Now, for this first time, I talked enough about myself. I would like to know what you do, what your

business is about and how can I help.

I’ve already told you. I can be useful in many, many ways!

Call (773) 413-0070 to advertise your local business with GRAPHIOS

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