Fleet Graphics Installation

Fleet Graphics Chicago

Custom Fleet Graphics Installation And Wraps

Fleet graphics are a proven marketing / advertising solution for small to large businesses.

We can help you professionally brand any type of fleet starting with design, production of vinyl  graphics and last but not least – installation or wrapping.

    • Professional decal installation
    • Professional decal removal services
    • Bus wraps
    • Van wraps
    • Fleets re-branding
    • Truck vinyl graphics
    • Trailers vinyl wraps and decals
    • Van partial wraps
    • Vehicle vinyl lettering and decals
    • Sedan fleets
    • Van fleets
    • Nationwide service

What Are Fleet Graphics?

Fleet graphics are vinyl decals, vinyl letters or full vinyl sheets applied to the exterior of vehicles in order to enhance company’s branding and leverage vehicles’ visibility as an advertising or marketing channel.
Fleet graphics can come in three different forms:

  • Fleet Vinyl Lettering

    Vehicle vinyl letters and decals

    Vehicle vinyl letters and decals

    This is one of the most economical and basic forms of vehicle graphics. It simply consists of vinyl cut decal letters (cut from solid colored vinyl) and applied onto the car surface. Messaging is primarily text and simple vector graphics.
    Lettering can be done in more than 30 colors but do not contain printed photos or gradients. Typically they include company name, contact information, and simple vector logos.

  • Spot Graphics

    Vehicle spot graphics and decals

    Vehicle spot graphics and decals

    Usually refers to options including both images and text. For example logos or images can be printed, laminated and then cut into decals of various shapes and sizes that will be applied to the vehicle instead of being limited to just simple text.
    We can combine complex printed graphics with text vinyl decals and lettering to achieve more intricate designs.

  • Full Vehicle Wraps

    Commercial vehicle full wraps

    Commercial vehicle full wraps

    Full vehicle wraps cover the whole vehicle (sides, front, back and roof). They are printed on high quality cast or calendared adhesive vinyl that is printed then laminated to protect the ink and graphics from UV rays making it last up to 11 years depending on type of application and manufacturer. Brands like Avery, 3M, Oracal or Arlon are the usual go choice for full wraps or vehicle fleets.
    Fleet wraps offer the ultimate branding and vehicle advertising experience but require a professionally trained installers and specialized tools to be properly installed.


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